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Published on August 26th, 2012 | 375 Views


Welcoming visitors in the first week


Our maternity consultant Hattie told us these are the Bridget Jones days. I don’t think she could have put it any clearer.

I’ve certainly never welcomed visitors before in white hospital stockings, knee-length tights and a basic top with milk stains, showing off my post-section jelly belly. I also never thought I would get to this stage.

My parents are coming tomorrow, and I’ve had to call to warn them about the state I’m in.

It’s not only the style that’s a tad off right now though. It’s also what I get up to during the time we have people visiting. I have to strip off to feed Baby Girl regularly, and earlier today I also had to excuse myself to take an injection with a pre-filled syringe of something I’ve been prescribed to prevent blood clots.

Baby Girl is priority number one, and caring for her, feeding her and admiring her mean time passes extremely quickly. Before I know it, I’ve not managed to do any of the things I was planning to get to.

She has still not even been on her first trip to our favourite cafe and cupcake place Peggy Porschen.

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