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Published on April 24th, 2016 | 307 Views


3 things my husband doesn’t know his new car has been through

1.The rule was meant to be no eating in the car and keep the new car clean, but we had a picnic in the car the other day–and 10-month-old Baby Boy was eating a sandwich with brussels pate and a pot of berries. It’s not exactly shiny inside any more

2. When going through the narrowing of the street on Studdridge Street I’ve been giving our car a bad reputation, as I go so slow that the car turns itself off, and it’s now reached a stage where the car behind looks so annoyed it decides to go through the bollards on the wrong side of the road instead

3. We’ve been in the congestion charging zone, driving to the British Museum, but I completely forgot to pay, so there’s a ticket to pay at home. Again


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