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Published on December 31st, 2014 | 384 Views


3 things you want to avoid in 2015

1. Returning home from the supermarket carrying the shopping basket in one hand and the packed groceries in the other. It’s not fun to go back to explain how it’s actually possible to be so stressed that the shopping basket came home with you by mistake

2. Driving around Marylebone for half an hour desperately looking for a free pay and display parking space only to forget to pay and display when you finally find the dream spot. This one is difficult to explain to the better half.

3. Forgetting to take an emergency iPad in the car and a handy escape belt, and ending up creating traffic chaos on King’s Road and spending more than an hour on a journey that should take 15 minutes. You might get some sympathy from fellow drivers, but it can still be quite embarrassing.

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