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My 5 New Year’s resolutions for 2017

time-for-tea1. Have some tea
I hardly ever make myself a cup of tea anymore, as I feel I’m constantly rushing around, trying to combine work, kids and general admin. I always wish there were more hours in a day, but this year I want to give myself a break sometimes and go easy on myself. At times it may be worth pausing for a moment and simply sitting down with a cup of tea and enjoy life in peace.

2. Arrange for more one-to-one time with each child
Last term I felt I had too many afternoons waiting around with Baby Boy while Big Girl was attending a fun class. This set-up worked fine when Baby Boy was little and still had an afternoon nap, but now that he’s a super active toddler I’ve felt it’s been stressful for all three of us. This year I want to ensure I have more one-to-one time with each child, and to make that possible I’ve added an afternoon session in nursery for Baby Boy.

3. Look after myself 
I just discovered I owned tweezers the other day. Since 2012 I’ve practically forgotten tweezers existed. Mornings are mad and I’ve become used to using the fridge door as a make-up mirror. As the children are getting older, I would love to dedicate a few more minutes to looking after myself–and start exercising again.

4. Learn more about dairy in nutrition
In the past two years, I’ve had several conversations with healthcare professionals about dairy. It seems like some of the healthcare problems we’ve encountered may, according to some, potentially be linked to dairy. In 2017, I want to learn more about this topic and how to reduce dairy in our diets if necessary, or find alternatives to ensure the children remain healthy and eat a balanced diet.


5. Spend more time outdoors
Today Big Girl wanted her and Baby Boy to go on a scooter tour, but with the rain hammering on the windows I didn’t really share her enthusiasm. I felt terrible afterwards, however, and that’s why I’ve included spending more time  outdoors on my list. With a Scandinavian background, I should be all about being outdoors in all kind of weather and introducing my kids to a range of outdoor activities. I’ve signed Big Girl up for a Polar Cub Club session at Somerset House this month, and for half-term she’s doing ski school group lessons abroad. Bring on an active 2017!

(The picture with ‘There’s Always Time for Tea’ was taken at Fortnum & Mason at Somerset House)

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