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Published on March 28th, 2016 | 323 Views


When baby starts talking and learning new skills

The other day I was standing next to a fun fair train shouting, clapping and waving hysterically while holding up my iPhone to take photos. It’s the type of person I somehow turned into overnight after becoming a mum.

I’m super excited every time the little ones do something new, and as Baby Boy is nine months now there appears to be an awful lot of opportunities to be overly excited.

It’s not just the pride he expressed the first time he was sitting on a little train in Daddy T’s lap, reaching out for the steering wheel.

It’s all the little tricks too.

We’re now shouting out instructions to him, and every time he listens to us and claps, waves, or says one of his four words we shriek with laughter, bring out the camera, or give him a big cuddle.

We’re quite forgiving when it comes to pronunciation. With Baby Boy being number two, we’re completely into baby language by now and can hear him say mummy, daddy, bye and bread. Even if his ‘bread’ may miss the ‘d’ at the end, it doesn’t matter. It’s worth a cuddle in my mind.

He’s our little star and it’s a joy to see him grow up, experience new adventures, say his first words and do new tricks.

Go Baby Boy!

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