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Published on April 3rd, 2016 | 349 Views


Review: BabyBjorn baby cup for taking baby from weaning to preschool years

When we were on holiday last week we were briefly discussing extending our stay. It was very tempting to spend some more time in the sun.

But I don’t tend to have post-holiday blues. I usually like getting back home too, and this time it was exciting watching how Big Girl and Baby Boy enjoyed seeing their toys again and I enjoyed seeing our everyday baby products that make life easier.

This time I was thrilled to be able to pull out the BabyBjorn baby cups the evening we returned home. I’ve written about them in the past, as I received some to review with Big Girl first and loved the design for little ones.

It is not before weaning Baby Boy, however, that I’ve realised the full potential of the BabyBjorn baby cups, which he’s received too. The reason I find them incredibly practical now is that they have rounded inside edges, graduated markings and they go in the microwave, making them ideal for defrosting, serving baby food and measuring how much he’s eaten.

Three-year-old Big Girl is still drinking from her BabyBjorn cups too. The cups, which are not stackable, feature grip-friendly material, wide rubber base and the design makes them easy to hold for little hands.

Functional design and long lasting drinking cups!


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