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Best hotel room for holidaying with baby

One & Only Palm Junior SuiteWe had a tough day in the sun on Saturday. Baby Girl seemed very upset, and I kept checking if she had a fever. I was constantly worried something was wrong and that we would need to connect with a paediatrician in Dubai.

Daddy T was not particularly pleased with the on and off crying either. In fact, he even commented that it really didn’t feel like he was on holiday.

But this time we didn’t need Calpol or new clothes to fix the situation. A private pool was more than enough.

We were moved to a junior suite with a private pool on Sunday, and it turned out to be the perfect surprise. Both Daddy T and Baby Girl seemed to cheer up.

By the next morning, Baby Girl was happily being pushed around the property in her stroller again, and Daddy T was looking at opportunities for returning to The One & Only The Palm next month. True pool magic.

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6 Responses to Best hotel room for holidaying with baby

  1. Baby Girl knows a good thing – a private pool at The One and Only The Palm- nice! Next time you’re in Dubai check out my blog for tips on dealing with the heat and places to go with a baby 🙂

    • Tine says:

      It was pretty perfect to have a private pool when holidaying with baby – made it very relaxing to be able to go in and out of the room for breastfeeding, nappy changes etc. Will definitely check out your blog before we go next time – do you have anything on breastfeeding in Dubai? Thanks! Tine


        Check out the link above. Breastfeeding is definitely acceptable in Dubai in public but it’s best to be discrete and use a cover. There’s feeding rooms in some of the malls which can be handy or most of the shops with changing rooms are more than happy for you to use them to feed in. Mum feeds me in cafes, parks, on the plane etc and has never had any comments or stares. Most of the time people don’t even realise!

  2. Tine says:

    Thank you very much for that! I didn’t breastfeed in public when I was there, as I wasn’t sure about the local view on breastfeeding. I should have read this before going! But excellent to know for next time.

  3. I’ve just added a post about breastfeeding in public in Dubai. Check it out for next time you’re over!

  4. Tine says:

    Thank you! That’s great – excellent to get advice like this from a local

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