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Published on December 20th, 2017 | 218 Views


Review: Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set for introducing children to programming

When growing up I can’t remember playing with a lot of techie toys – let alone a coding toy. But Big Girl is having a very different experience, and this Christmas we’ve been invited to review one of the toy releases that has previously stood out to me at London’s annual Toy Fair–the Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set from Learning Resources UK.

When the set arrived five-year-old Big Girl was excited to be able to play with a robot mouse at home, as she was already familiar with the concept from school. Building a track for a robot mouse was new to me, however, and as a parent I was fascinated with how the set offered a great introduction to programming.

The Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set (£54) includes a robot mouse, track pieces, tunnels, walls, a pretend cheese for the mouse to get to, step cards, and maze activity cards that feature suggested mazes to create with the cheese as the end goal. I like that the toy is shaped as a mouse and can move around a track, and I think it is clever that the set includes a pretend cheese for the mouse to go to.

In addition to following the suggestions on the maze cards, Big Girl has enjoyed coming up with her own ideas, and she’s also involved Big Boy, who’s been allowed to sit on the side and choose the next piece for the grid.

After creating a maze Big Girl has used the step cards in the set to create a sequence of steps and then had a go at programming the mouse, so the mouse can get to the cheese. Sometimes the formations have been very challenging, and other times she’s gone for easier options.

I think it is fantastic that children can grow up learning about programming a robot, and I think a toy like this will make it easier to understand the basics of coding, which may help them on their STEM journey in school.

It has made for a fun and educational activity for the children to do at home!

I noticed the Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set is available on Amazon too and was reduced when I checked today 


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