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Published on July 19th, 2017 | 663 Views


When dad attempts to pack a light beach bag

On Wednesday Daddy T packed a beach bag for us all for the very first time ever. He felt I had packed too much on previous days, so he wanted to take over to ensure we could carry less stuff around with us.

In an attempt to lighten the load, he emptied the bags before only packing what he felt was essential, and we also agreed to buy Big Girl a new inflatable toy to replace a two-person whale.

It turned out a two-person whale is really not that tempting to drag to and from the beach, and it seemed well worth it to buy a new slightly smaller puppy instead.

The problem was that we were still asked if we were “moving” or if we “lived at the beach”. We still had three bags filled to the rim in addition to a buggy and two inflatable toys.

Despite this we turned up at the beach without essentials like swimming goggles for the children, and the children also ran out of dry swimwear to change into after several times in and out of the water.

I’m all for travelling light, but when it comes to packing to go to the beach there doesn’t seem to be a way out.

We really do need all that stuff, Daddy T!

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