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Published on December 26th, 2016 | 389 Views


Finding fun and entertaining doll accessories for girls

When I told Daddy T I was going to tidy up the living room after the kids had gone to bed this evening he expected to see me back in the kitchen a few minutes later. He couldn’t quite understand what I was up to when it was getting late. 

But it’s become very difficult to leave the living room. It just takes long to look at all the 100+ pieces that comes with Big Girl’s new toy–Our Generation Sweet Stop Ice Cream Truck–and then to set it up nicely for her to play with the next day.

The ice cream truck was a Christmas present that I’m a bit worried could become a permanent feature in our living room. It’s quickly become one of the favourite toys, and I know it’s the type of thing I would have loved having as a child too.

After Big Girl unwrapped it yesterday, she’s played with her dolls in the truck, she’s served ice cream to us and to relatives on Face Time from the truck, and she’s had her teddy visit the truck. 


I think the ice cream truck, which also features jingles and lights, makes a great play set for girls who love pretend play. It’s all about things Big Girl loves–ice cream and dolls. The only negative is that it took very long to unpack and Daddy T might have to expect to see me less as I’ll be busy setting up all the little ice creams, sprinkles and other bits and bobs every evening. 

Entertaining for both little girls and big girls!

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