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Emirates Flight Time Stories to encourage creative holiday writing

The other morning I was carrying a large box with a homemade board game to Big Girl’s school. The project was inspired by a recent event we attended with Emirates, celebrating their Emirates Flight Time Stories campaign.

At the event at Maggie & Rose in Kensington, four-year-old Big Girl and a group of other children worked with children’s author and illustrator duo Sarah McIntyre and Philip Reeve to come up with a creative new game, an activity that helped children understand that a story needs a start, a finish and fun, scary or exciting things happening in between.


It was pretty perfect timing for Big Girl to create a board game at home the following week, but what I hope the fun-filled morning will have inspired going forward is more creative story writing. Seeing how the author duo worked and how they managed to get the imagination flowing in the room almost made me want to sit down and have a go at writing a children’s  book myself.


The idea behind the new Emirates family programme, however, is not really about keen mums, but about getting families together and creating stories around family travel adventures.

Emirates has launched a creative holiday writing competition for children aged 4 to 10, and Sarah and Philip will take inspiration from their favourite made-up stories to inspire their next book.

The competition website already features a story library with a number of sweet entries with text and illustrations, and one lucky winner will win a family trip to Dubai for four people for three nights.

It’s all about getting creative and making the most of inspiring holiday adventures!

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