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Published on April 30th, 2016 | 347 Views


Enjoying breakfast with Cleopatra and Kellogg’s Ancient Legends

Tine Kelloggs Virtual Reality‘Why are you eating, mummy?

Three-year-old Big Girl was very surprised to see me having breakfast yesterday. And I was too.

After Baby Boy arrived it’s become a seldom affair. I’m finding it challenging enough to try to get us out of the house in the morning, and there’s not much time to spare for preparing breakfast for me too.

When I do get more time, or reach a stage where ten-month-old Baby Boy can sit still without turning the bowl or glass upside down and creating complete chaos, I wouldn’t mind enjoying the same breakfast I had at a recent Kellogg’s event at British Museum, celebrating the launch of the new Kellogg’s Ancient Legends cereal range.

Kellogg’s has released six new granolas, mueslis, cereals that contain ancient grains, such as flax, chia, rye, quinoa and spelt, which are known for their natural vitamin and mineral content. 

I tried a bowl of the new cereal in a virtual reality world, where I sat next to Cleopatra and could look around to experience ancient Egypt. This was pretty cool, but I don’t have to be in ancient Egypt to enjoy it next time.

My very own kitchen would be more than good enough as long as there’s a bit of peace, so I can munch on my favourite, which was the Ancient Legends Granola with spelt and flax seeds. Delicious with yoghurt and fruit!

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