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Published on July 20th, 2016 | 366 Views


How to get kids to sleep in the heatwave

Last night I spent the majority of the evening worrying about one-year-old Baby Boy. Daddy T and I were practically brainstorming reasons for why he could possibly be waking up every ten minutes.

He could be too warm. He could be cold. He could miss being in a sleeping bag, or under a blanket. He could be thirsty. He could need a new nappy–or perhaps simply a cuddle.

I fast concluded heatwaves and toddlers are not a good combination when sleeping in rooms with no air-conditioning. Three-year-old Big Girl seems to sleep through anything, but I can’t say Baby Boy is the best sleep companion during a mini-heatwave–nor any heatwave for that matter. 

He is usually a good sleeper, which is why I was surprised when I realised he’d woken up crying at least ten times by 10pm last night.

By that time I’d already checked his temperature, given him a bottle to quench his thirst, changed his nappy, covered him in a lightweight bamboo swaddling blanket to help regulate his temperature, and rocked him in my arms.

On the weather forecast last night I heard we were in for an ‘uncomfortable night’.

I couldn’t agree more. We had kind of figured that out already. 

The picture above shows the Peekaboo Grobag, which I reviewed last year

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