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Getting Halloween-ready with spooky Tesco delivery

On Monday night I had a feeling we were waiting for Santa to arrive. Daddy T had made sure he was home before bedtime, and instead of going to bed fifteen-month-old Baby Boy and four-year-old Big Girl were sitting on the staircase in their pyjama waiting excitedly.

We were waiting for a Tesco delivery. A spooky Tesco delivery.

The special spooky delivery van pulled up in front of our house at 7pm, and we couldn’t wait to go outside. There was an actor dressed as Frankenstein, a whole delivery tray with sweets–and a scary hand that popped up in the middle–and a hidden stage of scary spider web, pumpkins and dancing witch dresses and skeletons.


In other words, it was pretty spooky. So spooky that Baby Boy was standing in front of the van shivering, and Big Girl looked stunned.

The next morning Big Girl didn’t talk about anything else though. She wanted a printed out picture to show her teacher, and she wanted to wear the new witch costume she’d been given on top of the school uniform.

If anyone wondered why I was walking around with a green and black witch hat in my handbag two weeks before Halloween, it was only to get us out of the house.

spooky delivery tesco

And I thought it was better to carry the witch hat than the new super fun sweets tray or the dancing DJ skeleton we received as part of the delivery.

We’re most definitely all set for a spooktacular Halloween with the Tesco Halloween decorations, scary sweets and costumes!

Disclaimer: This post was a collaboration with Tesco. A family member also owns some shares in Tesco

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