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Getting ready to play musical instruments

In the past week, we’ve bought a ukulele, we’ve called around to look for a piano to buy, and I’ve read guides on how to find the right-sized violin for children. We’re finally getting ready to embark on a new musical journey.

Since I don’t have a musical background myself, I’m just now catching up on what could have been useful to do to prepare children for playing musical instruments. Here are three suggestions:

Monkey Music
After collaborating with Monkey Music for several years I’ve understood how children who carry on with the age-specific Monkey Music (baby, toddler and pre-school) classes benefit from a progressive curriculum that supports each stage of their development. The classes for three to four year olds teaches children about reading music and recognising the different instruments of the orchestra, both visually and aurally. Jayne, who runs Monkey Music in Chelsea and Westminster, is a classical violinist herself!

Chelsea Quavers
I visited a Chelsea Quavers camp a few years ago, and still remember how impressed I was with the children who were doing musical puzzles to learn to read and write music. Chelsea Quavers runs after school clubs at several schools, and they also have Saturday children’s music clubs in Chelsea for children aged 4 to 6 and 7 to 12.

My Great Orchestral Adventure, Royal Albert Hall
I also love the variety of family events in London, and on Wednesday 25 October there is My Great Orchestral Adventure in Royal Albert Hall (see picture above). The popular family concert, recommended for children aged 3 and over, is set to be a fun musical event, taking the audience on a magical adventure to a mysterious island. I could see events like these helping children get excited about playing instruments!


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