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Published on August 24th, 2012 | 323 Views


Getting ready to go to hospital

Today was meant to be the big day. It felt like we had a holiday planned for this date. We had booked the accommodation seven months ago, and we paid the deposit in February.

Daddy T and I had both packed our carry-ons, and we had booked a car to pick us up in the morning – the same car company we would have used for going to the airport.

We had packed for a three-night stay for the whole family. It was the first time nappies and muslin cloths took up half the space in Daddy T’s bag. This does not bode well for travelling light going forward.

My bag was filled with a good selection of breast-related accessories, as well as a new wardrobe from nursing wear company Boob Design.

The most space-demanding item we packed was still the stem cell collection kit. At least that’s not something we’ll be taking on holiday.

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