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Pregnancy Tine Mustela Baby Massage Event

Published on July 5th, 2015 | 372 Views


How to get started with baby massage in London

When I went to the MustelaBaby Physio and Mummy’s Physio baby massage event last week at the Light Centre Belgravia I thought Baby Boy would be too young to be massaged, so I went along more to remind myself of baby massage techniques to incorporate into the bedtime routine at a later stage. I soon learnt, however, that at two weeks Baby Boy was not necessarily too young for that baby massage workshop. That’s at least if he hadn’t decided to be hungry and attached to me throughout the entire session.

But even if he did miss out on the workshop I’m now all set to get started with daily baby massage. The instructor explained that baby massage is even sometimes used on premature babies in hospital to give them a sense of security and help them adapt to life outside the womb, and the more I hear about the benefits of baby massage, the more I like the concept.

Baby massage can be a good way to do more skin to skin, and this time I also learnt it is important because touch is the first way to communicate with a newborn. There are baby massage techniques to help release wind, improve circulation and stimulate senses, and it’s good for relaxation and bonding between mum and baby.

I plan to introduce baby massage as part of the daily bathtime routine in a few weeks from now, and I’ll then remember what was mentioned during the workshop at Light Centre Belgravia in terms of talking with baby throughout the routine to connect with baby and always using an oil, such as the soothing and nourishing Mustela massage oil, and warming it in my  hands before putting it on baby.

With Baby Girl we started with daily baby massage at around 8 weeks after taking a private at-home baby massage course, and it’s useful to do a course or one-to-one session to learn the techniques to enable mum to feel confident and incorporate baby massage into baby’s daily schedule. Only the best for baby!

Baby Physio offers workshops and one-to-one sessions, and new parents often want to learn baby massage after one or two months

Oil or cream for baby – warm the oil first never put anything cold on it
Normally bring after 1-2 months

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