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Published on April 24th, 2013 | 359 Views


The baby rice cake effect

Rice cakesI love rice cakes. Not because I’m particularly excited about the taste. I just love that eight-month old Baby Girl adores them. These little, dry cakes, which are marketed as being suitable from seven months and produced by several big baby food brands, seem to be the answer to all my problems these days.

When I’m struggling to get Baby Girl to eat, I place some rice cakes on a tray in front of her. She then grabs a cake and opens her mouth, so I can sneak in a spoonful of a puree.

They’re equally useful when we’re out and about. If she’s upset, I give her a rice cake and she will usually instantly cheer up. At least for a few minutes before she drops it.

In fact, that’s the only issue I have with rice cakes. They do end up everywhere. Yesterday I found four old rice cakes surrounding Baby Girl’s car seat. They’re all over our living room, and I often find sticky crumbs at the bottom of my bag and on our clothes. Sweet.

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  1. Karen says:

    Your life just sounds so desperately hard.

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