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Why I can’t wait to get back to school

When I walked out of The Marylebone Hotel after interviewing Hollywood actress and children’s book author Isla Fisher in August, I couldn’t help but smile. Isla was not only fun to chat with, but she also reminded me about one of the things I love about being a London mum.

It is all the other London mums that make living in London with kids so amazing.

Isla and I talked about the school run differences in LA where she lives versus London. She reminded me that many of us London mums are lucky to be able to walk to school or get public transportation, which can lead to more social interaction between parents–a “nice camaraderie”.

In LA traffic is often bad–so bad that Isla said she can work on her hilarious children’s books about babysitter Marge in the car by recording voice messages and emailing them to herself.

I told Isla in excitement about my daily school run, which is very different. I usually head to Gail’s after dropping off children at nursery and school and meet up with many of the other mums for a morning coffee before starting my work day.

And it’s not only the coffee mornings. London parents may meet up for class drinks or dinners, and other social events. The “camaraderie” is why I’m probably as excited as Big Girl about school start later this week.

The downside is that there is no way I could even attempt to do any school run writing. There’s no time to multitask while running after two children on scooters.

Something’s got to give.

If you’re looking for funny books for children aged 5 to 8, I think the Marge in Charge books by Isla Fisher are brilliant reads. Isla’s children’s books follow the adventures of seven-year-old Jemima and four-year-old Jakey when their crazy babysitter Marge is in charge. Her latest book, Marge and the Great Train Rescue (Piccadilly Press, £5.99), came out in August and I would recommend the laugh-out-loud funny book for getting children excited about reading again after the school holiday

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