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Published on October 3rd, 2017 | 469 Views


Review: LOL Surprise Lil Sisters for cute and fun unboxing gifts

When we were in Sainsbury’s the other day I had to steer five-year-old Big Girl away from something cute, pink and green that I really didn’t want her to see. It was a box full of the new LOL Surprise Lil Sisters dolls.

We had received one to review and I knew how much she adored it. In fact, LOL Surprise has been one of her favourite toy launches for 2017.

The collectible dolls with mix and match accessories are sweet and fun for girls who love unboxing. The Lil Sisters series come in a ball with five layers to unwrap, and inside there are little sticker sheets, a doll and little accessories for the doll. The ball itself can be used as a keychain or as a bath playset for the dolls.

The LOL Surprise Lil Sisters (£4.99 each) collection features dolls that are smaller in size than the standard LOL Surprise dolls. The one Big Girl received came with a bag the doll could fit into–standard for the Lil Sisters Series 2 collectible dolls–and the tiny doll has been used as a baby Barbie, a visitor in the doll house and she has played with the bigger LOL Surprise dolls. 

I’m secretly excited to see LOL Surprise Lil Sisters in Sainsbury’s. I’ve previously ordered LOL Surprise dolls online, and it is pretty convenient to have these cool and popular unboxing sensations so easily available. 

A cute little gift!

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