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When mum needs more music education

“If you sign yourself up for music club at night, Mummy, you can learn about music too!”

Four-year-old Big Girl thinks I need to get some more training after we both realised my music knowledge was pretty limited when I didn’t understand all the words in her first music report.

I think the focus on music really stands out in London-which has a lot to offer when it comes to music classes and education for children. Music classes from the age of three months seem to be the norm for many, and what Big Girl is experiencing at the age of four is something that is very far from how my days were spent at that age.

The huge difference is one of the reasons I seem to end up in tears every time there’s an event for parents to attend. I continue to be immensely impressed by mini Londoners singing beautifully and showcasing musical talent.

My only worry now is that I won’t be able to offer my children any help at home with music-not in terms of practising instruments, or in terms of singing for that matter.

I had to Google several words to make sense of the first report-and when an actual orchestra instrument enters the equation I can see it being a lot more for me to catch up on.

And hopefully one day even cry happy tears over!

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