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Growing up The ultimate Batamobile Lego

Published on July 4th, 2017 | 330 Views


Celebrating the release of the new LEGO Batman Movie sets

It’s not often that I get to have a go at ‘Hook a Duck’ but when we had been invited to celebrate the DVD release of The LEGO Batman Movie and the new LEGO sets that came out around the same time I couldn’t resist having a go.

Hook a Duck LEGO event

And Big Girl was thrilled with my duck.

My chosen duck won us one of the new LEGO Batman Movie sets–the Scarecrow Fearful Face-Off (£11.99), which has become a permanent fixture on our kitchen table.

Scarecrow Fearful Face-off

Big Girl, who also received the DVD to watch, built the set together with Daddy T, and she’s now regularly playing with the small LEGO set and the LEGO Batman Movie minifigures the rest of the family won for their ducks.

LEGO Batman Movie event Thomas and Tine

At the event, where we also met LEGO Batgirl and LEGO Batman and had our caricature drawings done of ourselves, we could see the new play sets on display. Five new LEGO play sets based on The LEGO Batman Movie from Warner Bros came out in June, and Scarecrow Fearful Face-Off is the smallest of the five. It comes with a scary-looking Gyro-Copter, a power plant mini build and two minifigures, and Big Girl plays with this set together with the fun and unique minifigures from the blind bags she received.

The new range of play sets includes a super cool Batmobile, which can be driven around and split into four different vehicles to beat the enemy. The Ultimate Batmobile set (£139.99) also features many of the main characters from the film, making it look like a top present for LEGO and Batman Movie fans.

The new LEGO Batman Movie play sets came out in June and The LEGO Batman Movie DVD has been available to purchase since June too

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