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Published on November 26th, 2012 | 288 Views


Practising sleeping through the night

For the last three weeks, I’ve gone to bed thinking this will be the night. Daddy T and I have both been lying there with our fingers crossed, hoping we wouldn’t be woken up in the middle of the night.

But night after night three-month old Baby Girl has refused to work with us. She’s made it seem like the milk tastes so good that it’s impossible to wait until breakfast. We’ve simply had to include a night-time feed.

I was close to giving up on the idea of eight hours’ sleep too. When she slept until 6.21 on Friday morning, I assumed that would be as good as it could get. I thought I had to accept that our baby was just not like friends’ babies.

But Baby Girl knows how to keep me excited – and even shock me. On Sunday, she actually did it. Or we did it. We both slept through the night.

Our little star must have sensed that it was her big day, her christening, and that we all needed to get some rest before the event. At least someone needed her beauty sleep to look her best in the photos.

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