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Published on August 10th, 2015 | 272 Views


5 reasons we’re not going on an around the world trip any time soon

1. On our last trip abroad M4 was closed due to an accident and when we arrived at the airport, running to check-in with two minutes to spare before closing, Baby Girl decided she didn’t want to go anywhere without pulling her own princess suitcase after her and ended up screaming on the floor in the terminal building

2. When we finally made it through check-in and were ushered through the security check point by kind BA staff to try to make it onto the plane, Daddy T and Baby Girl, who was by this point having another meltdown since Teddy had been sent through the machine, were pulled to the side for extra checks and Daddy T had to step into a separate machine for a new scan before we could continue jogging to the gate

3. When we were getting closer to the gate, I could feel my sweater getting wet and realised Baby Boy, who was safely strapped to me in his BabyBjorn baby carrier, was boasting soaking wet trousers and needed a change ASAP

4. After we had finally made it onto the plane and collapsed down in our seats, Baby Girl started kicking and screaming loudly  because she didn’t feel like having the table up. Daddy T, who almost got worried we would be refused to travel since it first looked like we wouldn’t get her back in her seat in time, was forced to swap seats with me, as I had been sitting next to her and it was practically impossible to deal with the drama in the midst of breastfeeding a newborn

5. Already before take-off Daddy T seemed too stressed to be wanting to go anywhere outside M25 in the near to medium term future, and it didn’t help that a fellow passenger came up to me after disembarking the plane at our destination, pointing at Baby Boy and saying: “This Baby! Everybody on the plane should have been compensated!” What? Us?

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