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Published on January 27th, 2013 | 405 Views


Singing nursery rhymes with baby

Baby booksAfter a day with Baby Girl on Monday, Grandma N realised she had to do a bit of work. She had to learn Baby Girl’s favourite songs. Baby Girl has quite a long list of nursery rhymes she likes, and it’s pretty essential for anyone spending time with her to know them. That’s at least if they want to hear themselves think.

Daddy T learnt this the hard way. He was in the car with Baby Girl waiting for me outside a shop one day before Christmas. I had only been away for fifteen minutes, but Baby Girl was not happy with the arrangement.

Daddy T assumed Baby Girl was starving back there, and was not pleased about being stuck in the car with her. But when I came back and started singing Incy Wincy Spider, she stopped immediately. She simply knows what she likes. She likes to be entertained.

That’s why both Daddy T and Grandma N have attended baby music classes at family club Purple Dragon. In fact, Daddy T even took a day off work to come and learn all the nursery rhymes Baby Girl likes, and I’m sure he thinks it was time well spent. It’s no longer Baby Girl screaming in the car now. It’s Daddy T screaming nursery rhymes.

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