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Starting fresh with a transformed arts and crafts cupboard

Magic Felt tip pensLast weekend I did a complete clear out of two shelves. I binned a large refuse sack of unwanted stuff and I filled up two canvas bags of things to donate to the school. It was the much-needed arts and crafts detox to help us start afresh.

The shelves still look full, however, and yesterday I was super proud to bring out neatly packed boxes for Big Girl to choose from. Without the mess, there appeared to be more scope for being creative, and she dived into the boxes, making a plane on the kitchen floor with seats to sit in.

It has always been very important for me to let the children be creative at home–which partly explains why I need the kitchen walls repainted–and I want to ensure we have a range of quality arts material to inspire imagination.

The other week I met up with the press team representing stationery giant BIC, and I learnt all about the BIC Kids range, which includes felt pens, crayons, colouring pencils and activity packs for children.

I got to test some of the BIC Kids products, which confirmed two of the points we had talked about – the BIC Kids crayons appear to be durable and don’t break easily when Baby Boy steals them from Big Girl, and the felt pens don’t dry out as quickly as some of our other felt pens when we forget to put the lids back on.

The highlight for Big Girl has still been the BIC kids magic felt pens, which is a set of 12 felt pens, including two erasers. This means Big Girl can for example draw a sky and then do white stars in the middle of the blue. The set has become a favourite at home, and the girls seem to love using the erasers–unique and fun.

I’ve also been on the BIC Kids website, which is packed with colouring sheets and activities, including handwriting activity sheets. Parents can tailor make activity books for children, choosing from the different sheets available.

One to look at before a long journey or a rainy day over the summer holiday!

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