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Published on November 14th, 2015 | 384 Views


Surviving tiredness in last weeks of pregnancy

‘I really don’t have time for this.’

I was feeling incredibly tired after putting Baby Girl to bed when I was 33 weeks pregnant, and I was just about to sit back down by the kitchen table to continue working when I realised I had to listen to my body and take a break.

But I kept worrying about the fact that I really didn’t have time to be this tired right then-at least that’s what I did the five minutes before I was fast asleep on the sofa with Escape to the Country on in the background.

I felt that I had scheduled in time for feeling tired when baby had arrived. In the last few weeks of my pregnancy I had a long list of things to do–and there was not a single point about sleeping on the sofa from 8-10 in the evening.

I really needed to get my energy levels back up, and sleep better at night instead of during my precious evening work time.

It seemed like it was only a case of keeping my fingers crossed that this was not a sign of what was in store for the last part of the third trimester!

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