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Published on June 22nd, 2014 | 628 Views


Ten signs you’re definitely a mum

1.You go through the buggy turnstile on the tube even when you’re alone, and when you need the tube map you pull up your GoBaby app

2. You’re the proud owner of a laundry basket, and there are more than one laundry bins in your house

3. You consider the 22 bus a decent place to make new friends

4. You turn up to a meeting with a doll, a fruit smoothie, some raisins, and paraben-free sunscreen

5. You notice that the last photo taken of you is posing next to a goose at a farm park

6. You own more types of stain removers than day creams

7. You don’t care that you’re singing Ba Ba Black Sheep loudly while driving down King’s Road with open windows

8. You only have time to brush your hair with your fingers on the go, but never miss an opportunity to adjust a floral hair clip or fringe on those around you

9. Your nail technician is baffled by your nails and tries to understand how it’s possible that someone can break so many of them

10. You think it’s perfectly normal to sit on a potty chair next to a doll on the bathroom floor and chat excitedly about how much fun you’re having

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