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Published on July 16th, 2015 | 325 Views


The truth about spilling and dropping food on the bump

It’s very convenient to have a big bump towards the end of pregnancy. It gets mums-to-be used to wearing clothes with stains.

The bump is always in the target zone for food spills, and in spring I became pretty accustomed to walking around with ketchup, ice cream and chocolate on my tummy.

In week 34, I turned up for a physio appointment with 7 soured cream stains on a navy dress. I had tried to sit down for dinner earlier in the evening, but failed to leave enough space for my bump in between the chair and the table, meaning my dinner ended up all over me.

The good news is that this was basically brilliant practise for what was in store next. I think I was fully prepared for some months of posseting and then later the joy of weaning.

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