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Published on October 5th, 2015 | 378 Views


5 things I wouldn’t have wanted to be without in hospital

1. Muslins
Even newborns can be bringing up mucus, and with a fragile-looking baby to look after, I was glad to have the quality Faye & Lou muslins and avoid anything getting on his clothes, so I would have had to change him more often than necessary

2. Lanolin
On Day 1, Baby Boy wanted to feed almost constantly and when he latched on Day 2 I was already feeling sore. It helped when I remembered I really needed to be putting on Lansinoh’s HPA Lanolin after every feed, and I was thrilled to have packed it in the hospital bag

3. Nursing tops
When staying a couple of nights in hospital and having some friends visiting, I didn’t want to be sitting in the hospital gown. I was very pleased to have packed several breastfeeding tops and loose trousers that were comfortable to wear despite having a c-section scar

4. Camera
A good quality camera is a must when having a baby, and taking photos of our new bundle of joy became my favourite pastime activity when in hospital

5. Baby hats in different sizes
Since it’s difficult to know the exact size of baby’s head before meeting baby, I was happy to have packed hats in different sizes. The newborn hat I’d brought seemed like a tight squeeze, and I didn’t want to push it on, so I decided on a bigger hat for Baby Boy instead

Happy packing!

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