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Mummy-time A Andreassen Slippers Elskling Rose Gold

Published on March 25th, 2016 | 315 Views


Top TV box sets to watch after kids have gone to bed

The other day I woke up not quite knowing if Neil Caffray had helped Rebecca Lowe create an escape route from her prison cell or if that was something I’d dreamt.

I used to think I didn’t watch much TV, but after having kids that has most definitely changed. Nine-month-old Baby Boy has not been a brilliant sleeper, making me more worried about leaving him with a babysitter, and we’ve not been out as much as we were when Big Girl was little.

Instead, we’ve discovered Sky and Netflix and have started watching TV box sets. Here’s a quick guide to some favourites:

White Collar
I used to be more of a comedy person, so I’m most definitely widening my horizons when watching White Collar, but I’m completely hooked now. The Netflix show follows renowned art thief Neil Caffray, who is serving out his sentence working for the FBI to help solve crime. Addictive and thrilling.

Another Netflix hit, Suits follows Mike Ross, who lands a job as a lawyer without having gone to law school. While he works through cases with star lawyer Harvey Spectre, the duo is regularly bending the rules to hide Mike’s secret and keep him on a winning streak.

After Baby Boy was born Entourage was what kept me going. We’d watched a few episodes here and there, but watching the full series from start to finish was so much better. The short and fun episodes showing the glam and action-packed lifestyle of LA-based actor Vincent Chase and his entourage were exactly what we needed to keep us going through the first few weeks with sleepless nights.

In the picture above, I’m wearing Elskling Taupe/Rose Gold Leather slippers (£99.95) from London-based footwear brand A Andreassen, which I reviewed in December

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