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5 things I’ve learnt from travelling alone with kids

Travel with kids lunch holiday1. It’s really hard to avoid getting sunburnt when you’re relying on a three-year-old to put on suncream evenly on your back. I’m not travelling anywhere without a rash vest for myself from now on. Check out the Heidi Klein Nantucket rash vest or the Orlebar Brown women’s collection (now on sale)

2. It’s not worth picking up the phone when trying to collect everything from security. The Trunki Boostapak beat us to the gate last time, and I’m assuming I must have forgotten it when going through security and answering a call. Not particularly clever

3. It’s essential to pack food when travelling with young children. Daddy T always comments that it’s not like they don’t sell anything at the airport, but when your travel companions include someone who doesn’t want to walk any further and you realise you have to cross the entire building to get to a cafe you’re pretty pleased with yourself for having a box of vegetables and fruit in the bag

Yondi Travel Cushion Trunki4. It can be pretty difficult to get a little one to sleep in a lap without creating a comfy sleeping environment and protecting the child from uncomfortable armrests and edges. We use the practical travel mattress SkyBaby, and I liked it so much we started distributing it to retailers in the Nordics after testing it when Big Girl was little. For older children, I like Trunki’s range of Yondi neck pillows (see picture) and Snooziheads blankets, which I also reviewed a couple of years ago

5. By spending some time packing the hand luggage the journey can be made much smoother. I like to have easy access to tissue paper, Milton sterilising wipes, Andrex toilet wipes, antibacterial wipes, water bottles, sticker books, little toys, iPads, spare clothes, hairbrush, nappies, baby wipes and basic first aid. When I was flying with the children on Monday, the guy next to us said it seemed like I had a magic bag. And it was magic for us!

In the pictures above, the children are wearing heidi klein – dress and swim trunks we received to review

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