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Why it’s fine to offer pregnant ladies a cushion

The first time I was pregnant I couldn’t quite understand why I kept being asked if I wanted a cushion in restaurants and when travelling. The second time I was pregnant I could spot a cushion from a mile away.

It’s really not a joke that a cushion helps relieve back pain for some pregnant women when sitting down.

When there was no cushion in sight when I was last pregnant, I would go on a cushion hunt in my bag, and keep having to shape Baby Girl’s spare clothes into something that resembled a cushion to support my lower back. It was at times so uncomfortable to sit down even in a comfy seat, so I became the one person who even asked for a cushion at a 40th birthday party while others were dancing away in glamorous sparkly dresses.

I felt the cool-factor dropping rapidly by the day towards the end, but sometimes it’s all about surviving the very last weeks of pregnancy. If that means asking for cushions in bars or feeling a bit mumsy, that’s fine too.

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