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Pregnancy Caesarean Belt

Published on August 31st, 2015 | 386 Views


3 things that helped me cope with c-section pain

1. Support band
I bought a Theraline c-section support band (see picture above) before my first c-section since it was planned and a friend had advised me that it helped her get through hers. At that point, I didn’t need it though, and I didn’t have any problems with the c-section recovery. This time around, I had a different experience, and I was more concerned about pain. The support band helped relieve the pain, however, and I liked that it also protected the scar since I Baby Girl sometimes wanted to climb on me and didn’t perhaps quite appreciate that I had been through surgery

2. Kind husband
As soon as I returned home from hospital and tried taking painkillers as advised I got confused about whether I had actually taken them or forgotten to do so as being distracted by a screaming Baby Boy. I soon realised pain management was much better to outsource to Daddy T, who put an alarm on his phone for when I was allowed to take the painkillers, wrote down  when I had taken what painkillers and ensured I didn’t exceed any recommended amounts and avoided taking more than needed

3. Sleeping on the sofa
After returning from hospital I moved in on the sofa–not because I don’t like our bed. Simply because I couldn’t get to it. Living in a terraced house means there are a lot of stairs, and I soon realised running up and down the stairs was not only a bad idea in the first days–it was not really possible to do. It was way too painful and on my first trip to the bedroom on day 4 I felt completely stuck upstairs and had to shout down to Daddy T to come get me. We walked down slowly together, and he gave me enough support to get me back to my new home in the living room and kitchen. No more upstairs adventures for me!

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