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Published on August 27th, 2015 | 365 Views


5 signs I was on holiday with two children

1. One of my holiday photos is a sunrise photo, which isn’t really what you want when travelling to Norway in the midst of summer when the sun rises at around 4am and it’s not like you’ve been out partying

2. I’ve become an expert in combining breastfeeding with going to a pretend tea party, writing letters to Father Christmas (we start early in our household), reading The Gruffalo, making Play-Doh princesses and drawing animals

3. The only item of clothing I bought for myself during our three weeks abroad was a pair of socks with lion prints – something I had to buy to survive a four-hour long session in a huge soft play centre

4. My most relaxing morning was the day a neighbour stopped by with a four-year-old for several hours . Bliss

5. When I was asked if I had time to do any exercise, I didn’t really understand the question. I don’t feel I do much else

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