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Stress-free London baby proofing with Baby Safe Homes

Stair gate Baby proofingEarlier this year Big Girl was super happy to be playing with Baby Boy. According to her they had a new castle.

The castle was really only a stair gate, but it saved the afternoon. And has kept Baby Boy safe many afternoons after that.

The gate was one of the clever solutions recommended by Baby Safe Homes, a professional baby proofing service company first recommended to me by friends. Baby Safe Homes, which I’ve collaborated with for review, baby proofed our home when Big Girl was little, and they were the first on my contact list when Baby Boy started moving.

I had just about managed when he was safe on a baby mat, and I was not ready to have him moving around everywhere. Fulham dad Chris from Baby Safe Homes came for a consultation within days, and the following week he returned with a colleague to install stair gates, door locks, cupboard locks, attach a strap to the TV and more.

During the consultation he advised on where it would make sense to have stair gates, and explained why we should consider not getting as many as I had originally thought we needed. Instead, he found door openings and alternative solutions that I hadn’t considered. It made complete sense when he explained it, and our home became baby safe within an hour.

The work would have taken us months to do. Baby Safe Homes had pre-painted white wooden boards and all the bits and bobs needed to attach the baby safety equipment, which would have been a nightmare to manage for someone without much DIY experience and little time to get through the to-do list at home.

Before using Baby Safe Homes the first time, I had also bought a lot of baby safety equipment we never used because we kept buying the wrong products, such as cupboard locks that couldn’t be used on our kitchen cabinets and a stair gate that was too wide for the staircase.

Using a professional baby proofing service takes the stress out of keeping baby safe and preventing accidents in the home.

Clever and practical!

Baby Safe Homes sends a quote after the first consultation, and the quote details costs of equipment and installation. In my experience, stair gates are the most expensive baby proofing equipment, and other baby proofing equipment tends to be inexpensive. We received a discount to review.

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