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Growing up Cat's cradle book

Published on July 6th, 2017 | 212 Views


When Cat’s Cradle is the new big thing

Last week I bought Big Girl a Cat’s Cradle for making classic string figures despite feeling it was something we could make with a piece of string. She was thrilled with the buy–but lost it the next day.

This week I decided to order a Cat’s Cradle online that took longer to deliver and I made up one with a piece of string as a temporary solution for her.

Every day she’s been complaining about her string, claiming it’s not the real thing.

I’ve tried to explain that it’s more than real–practically vintage since it’s like the ones we used when growing up.

It’s not been a successful sell though, and in the end I felt like I was the mum who was refusing to buy into a clear trend.

Thomas Cat's Cradle Broom

It turned out we needed another version of the rainbow-coloured Cat’s Cradle that came with a book, and after Daddy T insisted we go get one it’s practically become a new source of family entertainment. After a long dinner in the garden tonight, Daddy T made a cup and saucer and witches broom before the two of us moved on to creating a cat’s cradle together. 

At this rate, we need more string. Or perhaps not just any string. I think I too quite like the special rainbow-coloured one.

The book Cat’s Cradle by Anne Akers Johnson (Klutz, £8.99) features a guide to making string figures and includes a coloured string

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