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♡ London Charlie and Lola's Best Bestest Play Southbank Centre

Published on February 28th, 2015 | 293 Views


Making the most of Southbank Centre activities for children

‘Ok, we have to come here more often’

I’m all about making the most of living in London, so as soon as I realised how much was on offer for children at Southbank Centre I regretted not having taken Baby Girl more regularly.

This time we were there to see Charlie & Lola’s Best Bestest Play, which we had received tickets for, and we were the last to run into the big theatre before the show started. I had planned to jump in a taxi straight afterwards, but Baby Girl, who was in tears when Charlie & Lola finished because she didn’t want the cheerful performance to end, was not very interested in going home in time for dinner.

She constantly kept finding new things she wanted to do. There was a giant-sized Big Nutbrown Hare sculpture in the foyer, which she recognised from her book Guess How Much I Love You, and she had to give him a big cuddle. She then spotted several girls with face paint, and wanted to go on a hunt to find out where she could get some too.

By the time I’d steered her in the right direction of the exit, I’d noticed a sign for free performances in the foyer in Queen Elizabeth Hall, and on the way out, Baby Girl could not leave without climbing on a green, hilly play area.

I’ve promised myself to keep better track of what’s on at Southbank Centre from now on, as I don’t want to miss out on any fun activities for children in London, and getting the tube from Parsons Green to Westminister and taking Baby Girl on the scooter across the bridge was actually doable – at least one way.

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