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When to order a London Baby on Board badge

When I met up with a friend the other day she joked about the Baby on Board badge, thinking they were for women who were proud to be pregnant and wanting to let the world know.

But the other day that’s what exactly what I felt I should have done.

I’m not wearing the badge this time because I take the car most places, and I’m not a frequent tube user during rush hours, but I did have one the first time I was pregnant and was using public transport to and from work. The badge appeared to have a 50% success rate for me in terms of ensuring I had a seat and wasn’t being pushed around.

Without the badge and wearing a winter coat I soon realised I could forget sitting down. On Tuesday, when I would have wanted one, I decided to take the tube to a press event and leave the car at home due to icy roads, and I really wished I’d brought a badge.

I was standing for 12 minutes on a completely overcrowded tube at 8.30 in the morning. Not cool with a decent size bump and still the sickening taste of a multi-vitamin in my mouth.

If I’d planned many more trips like this I would have been the first to order the free badge again from Transport for London. After using it myself three years ago now, I’ve always made sure I’ve given up my seat to women with these badges and as they become more and more common I hope others do too.

To get a free Baby on Board badge from Transport of London sent to you when pregnant, you can order one HERE.

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2 Responses to When to order a London Baby on Board badge

  1. Charlene says:

    I found that the badge was more effective than a sizable bump – I guess people are extremely worried about making a faux pas. For a minute I considered wearing it after the baby was born!

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