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Published on December 24th, 2012 | 313 Views


When baby starts pulling hair

I’m starting to lose hair. Not because I’m getting old, but because Baby Girl is getting stronger. She’s no longer just grabbing long hair. She’s pulling hair. Pulling with real force.

And it’s not only me who’s affected by Baby Girl’s new skill. It’s Grandma N too.

When I came home on Thursday evening, I practically ran through the door. I could hear Baby Girl screaming as soon as I came out of the lift. She was with Grandma N and I hadn’t been out for long, but it sounded like not long was too long.

At least too long to protect Grandma N’s hair from Baby Girl’s tight fists. In the living room I found Baby Girl sitting on Grandma N’s lap, holding onto her hair in both hands, screaming and arching her back.

If we can’t keep Baby Girl smiling every minute this Christmas, I think we could both end up with rather thin hair pretty soon.

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