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Published on October 15th, 2017 | 356 Views


When toddler becomes more vocal

‘Emergency, emergency, emergency!’

In recent weeks there have been times when I’ve tried asking two-year-old Big Boy to “pleeease stop saying” his new favourite word. But for some reason my request is constantly ignored. 

He’s been on repeat.

When I was travelling with him the other week he was shouting “emergency, emergency” while we were walking through airport security, and then again repeatedly when we were onboard the plane.

I usually feel like laughing when he is smiling and being vocal, but on that occasion I got worried about scaring fellow travellers. I don’t want him to make nervous travellers worried by shouting on the plane. 

In fact, it has had that effect on myself on ground. One of the first times he started saying “emergency, emergency” I felt like walking around looking for anything disturbing in case Big Boy had a flash of genius and was trying to warn us.

But we were all fine. I guess I just have to relax and continue enjoying that our vocal toddler keeps making us smile!

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