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Published on July 24th, 2017 | 807 Views


When toddler gets his own seat

Earlier today I thought I could have a cup of tea on the plane. And this was despite travelling with two children. I had secured the fourth seat. The seat on the other side of the aisle where there’s no risk of hot drinks spilling on the other three family members.

This set up is completely new to us, as it was only our second time flying after Big Boy had turned two and started sitting in his own seat. Having four seats, however, has meant three of us sit together and one sits on the side.

I was super eager to try to sit on my own, but was soon unsure if I liked it or not. I felt I was too far from the rest of the family-my now favourite travel companions.

And when I started enjoying having the separate seat and planning to get my hot cup of tea, the bliss came to a sudden end. Daddy T insisted Big Boy wanted to sit next to me and did a swift swap even before the drinks trolley had arrived.

He promised to make me a cup of tea at home instead.

Argh! So close!

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