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Published on February 25th, 2013 | 277 Views


When baby prefers to sleep in mummy’s lap

One & Only The PalmOn Saturday I wanted to invent a fake me. I just needed me to be in two places at once. The fake version of me would be sitting in a sofa in a pool cabana with a sleeping Baby Girl in the lap.

The real version of me would be in a bikini on a sun lounger on the private deck outside drinking a virgin frozen Pina Colada, reading the latest issue of Vogue and enjoying the view of the pool at The One & Only, The Palm in Dubai.

Our holiday in the sun was coming to an end, and it had suddenly become almost impossible to get Baby Girl to take her daytime sleeps in her stroller.

She was insisting on sleeping in my lap instead. This meant I kept having to choose between risking her waking up but potentially getting some rest myself, or sitting inside with Baby Girl and letting Daddy T have a bit of quiet time.

At one point, I did manage to get her to sleep in the stroller for two minutes and I then had a chance to change into a bikini. But that was all she could do away from her very favourite lap. Where can I order a fake me?

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